Adult Ministries

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

The original church met in small groups, often in people’s homes. The reasons were different then – they were being persecuted. Now that we have the freedom to worship as we please, we can still learn from the practices of the first church. Worshiping and learning in small groups provides us a more intimate and in depth connection to God’s word and God’s people. Through our adult discipleship ministries, we have many Christ Care groups, fellowship groups, and Sunday classes that are available to offer the connection that you are looking for.

Adult Sunday Classes


Couples, singles, retirees and empty nesters use changing monthly topics and discussion leaders to examine subjects like Bible study, Christian historical events/places, biographies, current events – and how they relate to our Christian perspective, all conducted within a caring and loving context.  Many class members continue their fellowship over lunch at local restaurants.
Contact:  Mary Eisenmann


We are a group of singles and couples from more than one generation who like to discuss Bible-based topical lessons from a variety of authors.  Some of us have been “around the block” a time or two, but we all have relatable experiences, and that generates friendly differences of opinions in our discussions.  Join us on Sunday!
Contact:  Gerald Blase and Ann Haynes


This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible, from people who are new to reading the Bible to those who would love to share their knowledge.  We also mix things up with video series and other studies.  Most of all, we love to learn from each other and grow closer to Jesus.  Come check us out!
Contact: Connie Bouas


Let us help each other to love others and to do good! HeBrews 10:13 NLT
This discussion-based class is the perfect place for parents, singles, couples, and young adults. Come as you are, have a seat on the couch, and energize your faith in a relaxed atmosphere!
Contact: James and Stephanie Meier


Whether you’re 30 or 80, come visit our group for a variety of topics including Bible study and video series – all with a focus on practical application of Biblical themes.  And often accompanied by lively discussions!  You’ll find us open and welcoming.  Our magic is the diversity of perspectives in our group.
Contact:  Jeanne Clark


Open to senior adults and anyone seeking to renew their understanding of God’s word.  We read and examine a different book of the Bible focusing not only on the original meaning and story, but also on the application and often unexpected parallel to today’s world.  We save time for humor and short philosophical features, and sometimes singing! Please join us!
Contact:  Eileen Francis

Small Groups

Circles of Care with Christ at the Center

Vitality, warmth and excitement characterize a ChristCare group.
It is a small group of 5-12 people who meet weekly to develop close personal relationships with one another and with Jesus Christ.
These are only some of the aspects of the ChristCare group experience.
ChristCare groups are for everyone! 
The new Christian as well as the lifetime believer, the quiet as well as the outgoing, ChristCare groups are places where every person experiences the acceptance and love of Jesus Christ! Whether you have just joined our Christ Church congregation or have been a faithful member all of your life, there is a ChristCare group that is right for YOU!

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