For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Matthew 6:21

Why we give.

Everything we have belongs to God, and we are simply managing those resources while here on earth.
Through our tithes and offerings, we demonstrate in a tangible way our love for God and our neighbors.
Each year, we ask our members to commit to their tithes and offerings for the coming year in support of our church's ministry and mission.
We do this for three reasons:

All we have is a gift from God, so we believe that giving to God's work is an act of worship.

At Christ UMC FB, giving is an expectation of membership.
 The church does not specify how much an individual should give, but we hope each person will commit a percentage of their income and increase that amount as they are able.

Annual giving makes possible: worship, programs for children and students, Bible studies, small groups, pastoral care and support, mission trips and community projects.
November 3, 2023

Dear Members and Friends of Christ United Methodist Church of Farmers Branch:

On Sunday, October 29th, the Stewardship Committee launched our Annual Stewardship Campaign with the theme Build Your Kingdom Here.
First, thank you for your generosity throughout 2023!  Every one of us has unique gifts and talents that we can use to help build the kingdom of God here on Earth.  1 Peter 4:10 says, “Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”  Kingdoms are built brick-by-brick, and each brick represents one of those gifts being utilized, built upon, and creates the unique identity of the Christ United Methodist Church community of faith in Farmers Branch.  Whatever your talents are, whether leading a Sunday School class, or prayer, or preparing meals, or serving on a church committee, they are all precious and a vital part of God’s kingdom.  In addition, giving of your gifts and talents connects you to the body of Christ and further invites you into God’s fellowship, or kin-dom.  How will you utilize your gifts and talents to help build God’s kingdom, and kin-dom, in 2024?

PRAYERS    We commit to uphold the church through our prayers because we realize that we need God’s help to be the church.  When we pray for our leaders, for our teachers, for one another, and for those who may never even enter our doors, we express our dependence on God so that we might in turn both learn and practice the will of God in the world.

PRESENCE    We commit to uphold the church through our regular presence, virtual or in-person attendance, and participation in both worship and small groups within the church.  Worship is where we find spiritual guidance, comfort, and strength and where we practice our faith so that we can carry it to the world. We also recognize that fellowship is an important part of the Christian faith and that we need one another along this journey. We are encouraged to find a Sunday School class, a Bible Study group, or another small group within the church that will help us to grow into the likeness of Christ.

GIFTS    Our commitment to uphold our church through our gifts is a thankful response for all that God has given us. Such a commitment reminds us of our role as stewards over everything that God has entrusted to us. The giving of our financial resources also helps to establish and maintain the ministries of our church that no individual could fund alone as we share the love of Christ in our community and worldwide.

SERVICE    Our commitment to uphold the church through our service further reflects our commitment to follow the example of Christ, who came not to be served, but to serve. God has blessed each one of us with talents and abilities and sharing these with one another is how we show love and gratitude to God and to one another. We are encouraged to not only discover the unique gifts we have been blessed with, but also to use them through participating in the ministries of the church.

WITNESS    We commit to uphold the church through our witness both to one another and to the world. Whether it is through words or deeds, the lives that we live in the world reflect upon the one that we claim to serve. We are encouraged to live as a Christian witness at home, at work, at school, and in our community.

I invite you to pray for our church throughout 2024 and to invite others to help up build God’s kingdom as we move toward our Commitment Sunday on November 19, 2023. Commitment Sunday will be a day to give thanks for all our blessings of 2023 and to boldly envision where God is leading us in 2024.

Giving Options
Cash or Check
Please make sure you identify yourself on the envelope or your check so Christ UMC can provide a record for tax purposes.  

Electronic Funds Transfer
With Electronic Funds Transfer, you can reinforce your commitment to give your tithes and offerings to God first, before anything else.  One easy step each year guarantees that the church will receive your gifts on a regular basis, even if you are out of town or forget one week.  

Christ UMC Online Giving
Christ UMC Online Giving is a convenient, secure online system for debit or credit card contributions, or as previously stated, EFT contributions.  For recurring contributions, Christ UMC Online Giving will charge your card on the day/frequency you select.  Online giving can be set up at or through the Christ4U mobile app using the “give” link at the bottom of the home screen.

For your convenience, please complete the pledge form by clicking the button below then continue to the giving portion of the page to set up/change your recurring giving amount if you are choosing to give by EFT or with a debit/credit card. If you currently give online and intend to change the amount you are going to give in 2024, please complete both the pledge form and change your giving preferences. If you currently give online and do not intend to change the amount you are going to give in 2024, please complete the pledge form and verify your gift preferences. If you are going to give by check, only fill out the pledge form. If your gift is remaining the same for 2024, please fill out the pledge form so we will know your intentions.  Paper versions of the pledge card will be available at the Connections Desk or pew back.

It is very important that we receive your pledge form for 2024 no matter how you intend to pay and even if you are continuing with the same online payment preferences as last year.

If you have questions about any of these options, please contact the Finance Office at 972-247-6136.

As you think and pray about the many ways in which you can share your generosity and serve God in 2024, please remember that your pastor and church family are very appreciative of all that you do!

Peace in Christ,

Rev. Scott Holcomg-McLain
James Meier, Stewardship Chair

Ways To Give

Give Online

You can make a recurring or one time donation using the box to the right (below on mobile). Choose the fund you wish to give to from the dropdown menu. If you wish to help offset the processing fees, please click the corresponding box in the payment section (page 3).

Give In Person

We would love to see you in person at one of our two worship services! Offering boxes are located in the lobby and offering plates are passed at the 8:50 Celebration Service. The first Sunday of each month we celebrate Holy Communion during which we collect a special Communion Offering to benefit the monthly mission.

Mail A Check

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